New Patients

We know looking for a new dentist can be a little unnerving. That is why we try our best to make it a little easier for you. Whether you are a new patient who needs a regular check up or a patient with a toothache, we will help you out as much as we can. We also offer free consultations for those who would like to meet and greet Dr. Craig.

New Dental PatientsToothaches
We understand that when our patients have a toothache they want the issue dealt with AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. They say that on a pain scale of 1-10 a toothache rates about an 8. Your initial toothache appointment will involve an exam and possibly an x-ray (taking the x-ray depends on if the patient can tolerate it at that appointment). Dr. Craig will then assess your own situation and decide what is best for you. Sometimes that is medications for a few days, then treatment, sometimes we can start treatment, take medications for a few days, then finish treatment. Everyone is unique and so are treatment options for individual and we always want to do what is best for you.

We generally don’t recommend extracting teeth, but sometimes there is just no other choice. If you know that you are in that situation, or even suspect that is the case, there are a few things you can do in anticipation of that in order to make your life a little more comfortable. If you have an active infection in a tooth, it is best to get on antibiotics as early as possible. While this will not solve your tooth problem, it will dramatically reduce your pain, and make the extraction process considerably easier and more comfortable for you. If you are a smoker, plan on not smoking for 3 or more days after the extraction. Because doing so can cause a dry socket and will cause a lot of pain.

Your Doctor will give you a set of instructions that need to be carefully followed in order for you to heal properly. Although it cant always be avoided regular exams and dental cleanings can go a long way toward keeping you out of this situation, not to mention improve your dental health care, as well as your overall health. Remember, your body will only be as healthy as the nutrition you provided it with, and our teeth are the first step of that process.

New Patient Check Up
We love our new patients, just as much as our existing. A new patient exam consists a full mouth set of x-rays, a complete oral exam and a cleaning. X-rays play a very important role in assessing your treatment. While everything can be normal on your exam, we want to make sure there isn’t something hidden that only x-rays can show us. When we are finished with x-rays, Dr. Craig will do a complete oral exam/evaluation. He will decide what type of cleaning is right for you. Dr. Craig will then take all of your history, current state and your preferred outcome and you and him will come up with a treatment plan that is individualized just for you. Our plan and hope here at Mountain Dental is to keep you chewing for the rest of your life. We come up with a long term plan that is right for you.

We are a full service dental office.

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